In the parable of Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 the man laying on the side of the road, ARE the poor and needy; THE HOMELESS, ORPHANS, WIDOWS, drug addicts, prostitutes, sinners, etc…The ones that have been overlooked, undervalued, and looked down upon. How many of them do we pick up, and care for? We walk by them daily, and OFFEND the LORD through our actions. We are like the Righteous pharisee, and the proud Levite, who walked by, and had no compassion or heart for the wounded traveler.

My heart beats for the needy, and those that lack. Every so often I will pull to the side of the road, and extend my hand of mercy to them. Satan has them bound, and ignorance has them rot away! it’s TIME we show compassion, and rescue them from despair.Some of us have more then others, and it is our duty to take care of the wounded. Let us show them HOPE, and LOVE when everyone looks away!

Go out today, and extend your hand of mercy to them, do not listen to the lies of the enemy, set them free. You have what they need, the key to freedom, the key to their breakthrough, set them FREE!

Let us show the world WE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CARE! It takes ONE!


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The Joseph Girls Journey

Perhaps you are wondering how my Journey “reading the Bible with the girls” is going.

Not so well, to be honest, but I’m not beating myself over it, because everything has it’s timing. My girls had so much on their plates, and so did I. There was just no way, I could dedicate myself to that Journey 100%, the girls knew it, and the Lord knew it too.

Yes I planned it, but it is the Lord who establishes our steps. She got frustrated with it, and was beggining to hate the process. Maybe it was too much for her, maybe she wasn’t fully ready, maybe she was acting out, so I could see her, but sadly, I was too busy to notice…

So today, I asked her, would she like to get back to our studying, and with excitement in her face, she said yes!!

All in GOD’S timing I suppose, all in God’s timing!

SN: Don’t rush God’s process, he is also working on HER [my daughter] in his timing! I am at PEACE ♡ and for mommies out there who are also in the same shoes I am, enjoy the process, it’s much more beautiful when you slow down, and much more peaceful too!

☆XO the Mom☆

Leaders RISE UP!!

God is calling leaders to RISE to their full position, and authority in Christ to be who he called them to be.

Unbothered by the opinions of others, fearless dispite the outcomes, courageous in the face of opposition, strong in the face of the storms, powerful force to be reckoned with, WARRIORS of GOD marching FORTH, dispite the outcomes.

We must not let doubt, fear, discouragement, unbelief, uncertainty hold us back, we must speak to our situations, problems, circumstances, and command it to let us PASS in the name of Jesus.


We are no longer VICTIMS, we are VICTORS! Stop blaming, stop questioning, stop doubting, stop it! Why are we still questioning God when the answers are right in his book, why are we blaming when it was designed that way?!

When we walk in power, and authority that God placed in our hand, WE WILL NOT FEAR, or bend, or be torn down.

We will speak to that mountain, that situation, circumstance, struggle, problem, to part a way for us, and it WILL. We will speak to that giant, to step aside, and it WILL. That mountain to be moved, and nothing shall stop us!

Speak to that warrior on the inside of you, to RISE UP and be, who GOD assigned you to be!

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives on the inside of you!! Do not be afraid!

God allowed it, so that your enemies that are following you, drown in the sea. All the destiny destroyers, the scorners, mockers, that are constantly watching you, be destroyed in the waters, and drift into the sea. God allowed it so that the help the devil send be anhiliated, in the fire, they set for you.

God will not be mocked!

Stand STRONG and see the Deliverance of the Lord in your life!


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“There’s more to life than meets the eye”

One day I just woke up, and my awareness caused me to start questioning things. I know I’m not here just to work, live, then die, there’s more to life than this.

What am I here for?

Everything on this earth that God created is functioning for God’s glory. Every creation, reflects God’s magnificent power, nature, skies, declare the glory of God.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

Skies live out their purpose, heavens declare, and speak of God’s glory. Without opening it’s mouth, they are proclaiming his mastership. Day and night they speak of God’s Glory.

I too was created to glorify God, and proclaim the work of his fingers in my life. I too was created to worship the creator, and the mighty works of his hands.

Where do I start? Right where I am!

I must not be silent, and speak about God’s glory in my life. How his wonderful Grace saved me, and his mercy covered me. How I was lost, and how he found me. How he chased me, and poured his love on me. How he was gentle with me, and patient and kind.

I have purpose to fullfill, I the creation have work to do. I must proclaim the goodness of God, and his mighty hand in my life. I must not be silent, I must not dim my light, I must be the light, and draw people to him. I must shine bright, ignite for everyone to see. I am the city on the hill, and I cannot be hidden. A bushel, not meant to be hidden.

If we all realized the reason for which God created us, we would be looking to glorify him, instead of looking for excuses not to be used.

You see child of God, God has a purpose to fullfill in your life. Open your mouth, let your fingers do the talking, proclaim wonderful works of the Creator, and what he has done in your life.

Tell everyone, start with your small circle, at your job, in your community, in your circle of friends, how he is your healer, how he is your protector, your stronghold, your rock. SHINE your light so they, the people, may see, and glorify father who is in heaven. Do your little part, shine, speak, proclaim, God will do the rest.

“You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.“[ Mathew 5:14]

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. [Mathew 5:16]