Do you take a shower every morning?!

I would like to think so, I know I wouldn’t want to be a nuisance to society, would you?

It is imperitive that I keep myself clean. It is very important that I cleanse myself daily, and wash the dirt away, removing all impurities, flush in them down the drain.

Just like in the physical, I must cleanse myself daily in the spiritual. All the toxins, and impurities I have aquired through the day, need to be cleansed. There are things I am very well aware of, and there are impurities I am not aware of. I step into the presence of God, and cleanse myself daily, in his presence.

Wash me clean Lord!

This is a prayer, based on Psalm 51 that I pray over myself.

I wrote it, by the leading of the Holy spirit. I hope it becomes your DAILY necessity.

“As I start this day, examine my heart Lord. If there is iniquity in my heart, take away the awful stain of my transgressions. Wash me, purify me of my unrighteousness, cleanse me from guilt and shame. Purge me, make me whiter than snow, let me be pure again. I admit my shameful deeds, and it is against you, and you alone that I sin. Oh Loving and gracious father forgive me, for I have done wrong in your sight. Cleanse me with the blood so that I can be clean again. Create in me a clean heart Lord, renew a right spirit within me, filled with clean thoughts, and right motives. I thank you father, for your loving kindness, in the precious name of Jesus I come to you. Amen!”

You will feel renewed, fresh, and ready for a new day!


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