Logopit_1520876758264On the way to the PROMISE, there will be many journeys to follow, these journeys are simply your training ground; to prepare you for what’s  coming!

GOD knows your future, before you even get there. He knows the EXACT timing, he knows every detail, He is all knowing! All powerful, eternally perfect GOD!


Sometimes your disobedience prolongs your answer. Didn’t it take longer, for the Israelites to arrive? Their complaining, and grumbling prolonged their promise, skipped, and passed the blessing down to their children. Don’t let your complaining, and grumbling block you from your promise. Don’t let unfaithfulness, and dishonesty disqualify you from the blessing of God.

You can sacrifice all you want, but in the end, did you do what he asked you?

Cheating, skipping, assuming, will not get you points, this actually is not pleasing in his sight.

Stay the process, don’t cut the process. Work out the quirks, and character flaws, so you can be better used for his Kingdom, for no malice, hypocrisy, pride or envy, shall enter into his premises.

You better be sure on that, and you can take that to the bank. 

He will never put a promise, in the hands, that don’t know, how to care for it. In this world even, you got to show yourself worthy, in order to be promoted to the next level. No boss will promote someone, who cheats him, no he has to be able to trust him. Yes some do slide, but in the end, if the BOSS finds out, you can just walk out of his building yourself. It’s not going to be pretty.

How much more, a RIGHTEOUS, FAIR, and HOLY GOD?


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