There are two ways in life, a path of WISDOM, and a path of FOLLY; You cannot be on both journeys at once, you must choose one, and reject the other.

Foolishness or Folly, is laid up of fame, riches, and money, full of pleasure, fun, and honey. No rules, pure bliss, alcohol, party, sex, drugs, like there is no tomorrow,  but the end of this path, leads to DESTRUCTION, the consequences of your ACTION.

There is a way, that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death.

Proverbs 14:12

Fun for a little while, then pay the price. What will it be, your health, your job, or your mentality? Foolishness is darkness, and darkness, makes you stumble; Swipe the card now, live it up, pay it later.

There is another way, and it’s called WISDOM, this path is full of insight, morals, honesty, with principles of integrity to follow, and in the end this path leads to LIFE.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

Two different path, one CHOICE to follow, if you turn on the path of folly, you only find pleasure, darkness, and the consequences of tommorow. If you are on the path of wisdom, discretion and wisdom is your guide, and the fear of God to lead you into your tommorow.

What choice will you make? Choose wisely, your life depends on the choices that you make, so take your time, and think about the consequences of tommorow.


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