My girls and I were out shopping, I decided I wanted to get a BIBLE for my oldest, who is nine years old, in honor of her spiritual birthday; March the 19th. We looked through different bibles, and finally picked out, the one she liked. It had a pink cover, with a beautiful flower on it. It almost looked like it was a notebook of somesort. She absolutely loved it! She embraced the bible as it was the greatest treasure she found.

When we got home, my daughter made a request.

“Mom I want to read the bible with you, EVERYDAY , and I want to start from the very beginning.”

She caught me by surprise! Read the bible together? I have read Genesis three times, and here she wants me to start over? I have so much to do… I was about no decline…

When the Holy spirit reminded me.


Many, many years ago, I too desired to read the word of God, together with my dad, but instead of studying the bible together, he made a suggestion to read the bible on our time, on our own terms.

We made BIBLE READING a competition; I would read on my own, he would read on his own. I didn’t quite get it, I just wanted to read it, and get on with it. I had to catch up with my dad.

This was a fun game, and a competition of some sort. I was all up for it, for a time, then reality set in, it was no longer fun, the desire subsided, and somedays I had forgotten all about it.

He assumed I was ahead, I was way behind. He didnt ask, he assumed, and I lied. That was the last time I faithfully read my bible, for a long time, a VERY long time.

I didn’t pick up my bible until I was in turmoil. I would listen to scripture reading, and come across bible quotes, but there was no faithful reading in my daily schedule.

I would always wonder what my dad saw in that book, and why was he so facinated with it. I would find him faithfully reading his bible, in his study room. I didn’t understand it, until I found myself in the same situation.

And here is my daughter, asking me the SAME exact question, I asked years and years ago.


“YES baby rain or shine we will read the word of God together, EVERYDAY because there are treasures in this book, and intend to help you find them! “

We are on Day 2, and have read 2 Chapters together. Pray I will be faithful with my daughters, and train them the right way. Maybe you too want to join us on our adventure?!

Because when we train a child, an adult will not depart from the truth he was taught! He will be trained for the future, to make better choices for himself, and his children!



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