I was at IHOP today minding my own bussiness, when the Lord nudged at my heart, to ask our hostess, for a particular lady to serve us.

Her name is Kay, we met her last time, we came to IHOP {which was just a few days ago, I know we like their pancakes}… but anyways. This lady caught my eye, and I have approached her when we were dining. So today I come back, and the Lord nudges me to ask HER to serve us.

WE AREN’T EVEN IN HER SECTION! Talk about a discomfort!

Little did I know, that it was her first day on the job from training, and she gets US, as her customers. She did an amazing job offering us the menu, and explained everything to us, so well. She was kind, and very friendly. She went as far as, trying to make us comfortable in every possible way, with many choices to fit us, and our budget. She wanted to leave a good impression, I so appreciate her for that!

So anyways the Lord moves on my heart, to speak PURPOSE into her, and Kay politely accepts every word. We both were blessed by each others presence, then I find out, she is also a fellow Christian, but is looking for more FIRE!

BINGO! I am a Firestarter, thank you Lord for sending me your child.

As I was leaving, we couldn’t part, she was drawn to me, and I was to her. We exchanged our info, and I was about to walk out when Kay approached me and said

“You are Godsend, you were meant to be here, and I send to meet you!”

Talk about an APPOINTMENT set up by the Lord!

Listen if I didn’t catch up, and listened to his voice, I would have disqualified myself from being a blessing!

I didn’t, I obeyed!

@Kay it was pleasure meeting you!



  1. I have a dear friend that God brought me to under similar circumstances! It is amazing how He can take our everyday and turn it into something extraordinary for His glory!


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