Prayer is consistant, persistent communication with the King of kings, Lord of lords. Daily! Not just when you want to, but when he calls you. It’s not what I want, and desire, but what HE wants, and desires. It’s not MY will, but HIS will be done. It’s not moving on MY time, it’s moving when HE calls me.

Prayer is LIFE, it’s PEACE , it’s JOY , it’s COMFORT , RELIEF , PROTECTION, SAFETY, under the shadow of his wings.

Prayer is BREAD! Daily consumption of my daily essential needs and wants.
Prayer is LIGHT! My constant need for truth, when it’s complete darkness.
Prayer is the KEY! To my blessing, my prosperity, and my favor.
Prayer is my SHALOM , my ROCK , my FORTRESS , my SHIELD  in the midst of a crossfire.

Prayer is not asking GOD, prayer is waiting on GOD, prayer is contentment, complete faithfulness, and worship, among other things.


Most of my Journey, I’ve prayed for others. If you see me praying, I’m most likely praying for the nation, my community, the bride of Christ, the abandoned, the hurt, the poor in spirit, the opressed, the ignorant. That is my DAILY prayer. I rarely pray for myself. In my walk, I learned to be content right where I am.

We think Prayer is about us, when it has nothing to do with US, but everything to do with HIM!


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