When children are born we throw them a babyshower, we shower them with love, we buy them gifts, and send good wishes to the parents. Before the baby even shows up we’ve already paved his/her way to GREATNESS. We expect this baby to greet the world, any time now! WE ARE READY

We are ready for physical babies, but are we ready for spiritual babies? The babies that are on the horizon, with their loved ones, awaiting their due date.

Babies that will greet the world with GREATNESS any minute now. Babies that are a JOY to the parents, and a PROMISE of greatness, and they are not even born yet.

Few days ago the Lord reminded me of my daughters Spiritual birthday! And when it’s our spiritual birthday, we get showered with gifts! FROM ABOVE! Neatly wrapped, in a box; gifts of Favor, blessing, peace, joy, kindness, love, gentelness, patience.

Normally I get all excited about birthdays, and I will plan in advance, so will she, but this announcement caught me by SURPRISE! I only have TODAY to prepare for it.

So I’m going all out! I’m inviting her close friends to share in this wonderful occasion, and we will go out and celebrate HER spiritual birthday. She has to know, that God gifted her with a gift from above, and it’s more precious than GOLD… LONG AWAITED PROMISE!

It didnt quite happen how we’d expected. We did however go out to lunch, but her friends didn’t come. Her sister the sidekick, was there for it all.

We celebrated her surprise at IHOP, just like we planned. We even witnessed to Kay, who was our server for that afternoon. She was taken by surprise too, but if it’s her bday, then we must sing her a HAPPY  BIRTHDAY . The crew sang her a happy birthday, and she got her birthday pancake, and hot chocolate.


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