For God to move, you have to move on his terms. Too many people say Lord have your way, but when he does, oh hold on a second… I didn’t mean for you to take this, or go this way…

You did say have your way! What did you expect would happen?

People nowdays want God to move at THEIR comand, not move at HIS command. Well if I sacrifice, surely he will notice my sacrifices, but did you forget, that…

OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice?!

Partial obedience is still Disobedience. And let’s not forget how Moses was disqualified from entering into the promise land.

Get off the high horse, and seek his face, to align with his will!

His will is PERFECT, without spot, or blemish, or wrinkle, nailed at the foot of the cross!

Not my words, Holy Spirit led.


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