She’s  on FIRE for me at church, at the alter, in the building, worshipping her heart out, but when she leaves the building, what happens to her Fire?!

Why is she so cold for me? I call on her, and I try to get her attention, but her mind is elsewhere, her mind is distracted, her prayers are inneffective, slowly dissapating…

She’s so busy in this world, she has barely any time to notice

That God is waiting on Her, to get her heart right! Waiting on her to notice him. Waiting on her to say hello, or good morning.


Pleasures are blinding her eyesight, the cares of this world are sucking her dry, movies, entertainment, social media is taking up her time. She is constantly on the run, busy about her life…

But is she productive ? Spiritually?


I want to feel FIRE 24/7 I want to wake up and go to sleep, with Jesus on my mind. I want to include him in my life, to put him first. I didn’t even notice how I got here, passionless, purposeless, constantly pursuing the world, and it’s passions…I’m empty

Help me Lord!  To put you first!

Will she offer herself, her desires, and her pleasures, to pursue his?

Stay tuned to find out!

-She’s on FIRE!

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