We are on DAY 5, and moving along quite nicely. My oldest daughter is facinated, with all the wonderful details of the BIBLE she did not know about; like the fact that God regretted that he made the mankind, and she also pictured herself on the Boat, and the fact that God gave instructions to Noah, and no one listened to him. GENESIS 6

“Would I be the one on the boat mom?” 

I explained to her, that God protects his righteous one’s, the ones that are pleasing in his sight, and the ones that walk in faithfulness, like Noah.

It made her examine her life.

“Am I faithful mom?” 

You see studies like this, increase our child’s ability to ask questions, they wouldn’t have otherwise asked. I encourage you, as a mom/dad to study the word of God with your children! It is SACRIFICE of your TIME, PATIENCE, and ENERGY, but I am telling you it’s WORTH IT!

Thank you for joining us on our Journey!

-The Joseph Girls

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