Please take a moment and CELEBRATE with us!  We have done it! One week in, we have faithfully read a chapter a day. This is a LOT for a nine year old, but she is so strong and eager, that she even motivates me to keep going. My six year old, is listening, so we’re making progress!

We are on GENESIS  chapter 8, and we are learning so much. All the details, all the discussions, from the mouth of a child, are unbelievable!  God is so good to us!

Here are some hightlights of Genesis,  Chapter 8

● God remembered Noah, Noah trusted God, he followed his instructions. [verses 1-11]

● God kept the family in his secret place until it was TIME to land. [verse 13] 

●  The pleasing aroma of Noah’s offering, and worship changed God’s mind, about humans, to never destroy all the liVing creatures. [verse 21]

-Thank you for joining us, on our Journey!

-The Joseph girls ♡


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