People wait on that BIG dream, so they won’t be bothered with the smaller tasks, not realizing that it is those SMALL tasks that lead them to the BIGGER things, revealing the BIGGER picture.

In 2016 the Lord showed me a vision, and it was BIG, one of those dreams that you can’t quite get your mind around it, or comprehend it. It was too big for my mind, but I knew my GOD was bigger.

I saw the dream, my desire ignited to pursue it, desire to accouplish this DREAM also ignited. I had the broshure, my destination, but how in the world was I gonna get there?!

Small tasks turn into assignments, assignments, turn into journeys, journeys, into chapters, and chapters, take you one step closer, to your destination!

I was instructed to start a Facebook group. I had no idea how to administer a group, let alone run it. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was ready to jump the leap. I knew that if I said “YES” HE would provide the details for me. I knew if I jumped, HE would be right there to catch me. Even if I fail, HE still won’t allow me to fall, HE would pick me right up.

That is exactly what happened! I jumped, and as a result, many people, answered their call. I was there to help them DISCOVER their PURPOSE, and STEP INTO  their DESTINY. All I did was OBEY, and as a result, many doors were opened.

It takes many journeys, to reach your Destination. People will get on the bus with you, some will stick with you, others will get off, on the next bus stop. Don’t get discouraged, not everyone is willing to pay the price. Dust yourself up, and keep moving. Time waits for no man, and your Destination is calling you.


You see if I didn’t bother with the smaller assignments, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It takes many journeys, FAITHFUL  journeys, to get to your Destination!




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