Apologizing, or saying sorry  is the hardest thing to do.
To seem vulnerable, and small is bravest thing I have to do.
To lay down my differences, and admit that I am wrong.
Takes my guts, humility, and everything I own.

But I lay down my life, to be trampled upon.
For his LOVE and his GRACE , covers me endlessly
On the cross, pass my humiliation, pass my imperfections.
For a life of eternity, and God’s  perfect Peace. 

Be kind when you want to be hurtful.
Speak love, when you want to spit hate.
Be merciful when you feel like rejecting.
Treat your enemies, with kindness and respect.

Saying “Sorry” or admitting our mistakes may be the hardest thing to do, but it can also be the very thing we need, to free our burdened soul.

I know it’s not easy, I have first hand faced these struggles, and I cannot sit here and tell you, that it’s going to be easy. IT’S NOT!

It’s going to be the hardest thing you have to do! But with God’s help, the burden is light.

You are to let your guard down, and personally humiliate yourself. You are to get down from your level, and offer up a sacrifice of your ego. You are to personally, publically admit that you not perfect! Oh yes, it’s  gut wrenching, it’s unfamiliar and very hurtful, to your ego. But is it worth it? YES, every bit is worth it!

You CANNOT and WILL NOT go to the next level, until you face your struggles head on! Until you face those giants of  bitterness, hate, and anger, you canot quite move on.

What does UNFORGIVENESS  feels like?

It’s that bitter feeling you get that makes you want to avoid that person. It’s that gut wrenching feeling, you get every time you think about seeing, talking to them.


It divides the body of Christ! Body cannot work in unity, the body cannot work to it’s full potential ! It cannot fullfill its mission, it cannot rise up to it’s rightful position.

If you are harboring unforgiveness in your heart, and you can’t find yourself to approach the issue, start with kindness. Be kind when you want to be unkind. Speak love, when you want to spit hate. Be merciful when you feel unmerciful, treat your enemies with kindness, mercy, and respect.

Our father is kind, and even when conflict arises, we have to choose to be kind. Choosing to be kind opens the doors to forgiveness, blessing, and favor… and aren’t you waiting for the next level?

Rise up to you enemy, with kindness in your heart. Walk blamelessly before men, so that seeing your light, they glorify father who is in heaven.


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