Today was a trying day. Had a lot of things planned on my list, was looking forward to a full day. From running a quick errand to the store, to loosing my keys, to attending a baby shower, then later stopping by the mall, to pick out my husbands suit, for Easter.

We managed to get out, and cross things off the list. Things seem to be looking okey, but then a dark cloud begin to form in the atmosphere.


No weapon formed against me, and my family shall prosper! 


I rushed this morning, I should have taken care of this errand earlier, but things came up, and demanded my attention. In the rush of the moment, I misplaced my keys, and here I am running around from one place to the next, tracing my steps, like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Thank God, a good Samaritan, returned my keys, to lost and found, God bless their soul!

Now I am looking for an item, and it’s nowhere to be found. Don’t you hate it, when you’re already running late, and the store doesn’t have that item, you are looking for?! I know, I know, I should have been out looking for it, YESTERDAY, but here I am…

Things escalated pretty quickly, any small agitation, irritated me just a little more. In the past I would blow up, I would be all over the place, but TODAY I am aware of my situation. I am frantic, but aware at the same time. It’s easier when you’re aware.

I asked the Holy Spirit to remind me, when I go off course, and here he was reminding me to keep my cool.

And off to the baby shower we go. Beautiful party, good food, pleasant conversation, fun time, and off we go, to the mall, for a quick stop, or so we plan to…

My oldest was doing everything possible, to raise my temperature, and in the heat of the moment, I lost my cool. My youngest was also testing my buttons, as if they have not already been pushed by her sister.

Holy spirit kept reminding me to keep my cool, but it’s not easy when you’re already on E, with your emotions.

Again I was AWARE,  Holy spirit was right there with me!


I lost it!  Right when I was about to walk away, I said some things I didn’t mean. I snapped, I let my carnality take over me, I yelled at my daughter, she was tired, maybe bored, I should have known better.

Lord COVER me under your Grace! I know I messed up, I know! COVER ME!

I apologized to my daughter, we made things right, I took back the words I said in ignorence, I asked her to forgive me!

I felt better, I felt God’s GRACE  cover me! I felt purity flow on me, I felt peace enter me, joy filled my soul.

We finished our devotion for the night, she’s off to bed, and here I am writing THIS NOTE, to remind you, that even if you mess up, God’s Grace is STILL AVAILABLE, to cover you! ♡♡

His grace is sufficient for me, and his power is made perfect in my weakness!  2Cor 12:9



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