Logopit_1522263362828I want us to look into the mirror of Christ “THE WORD OF GOD” and reflect upon his image, to reflect yours. Is there anything that is not pleasing to his sight? Ask him to remove it… but brace yourself, you will be tested and tried, and then refined.

One of the biggest things I faced was ANGER, it was something I could not get rid, no matter how hard I tried. With anger, came bitterness, and with bitterness hate, an undercover hate that silently ate me up inside.

I recognized my problem! The first step to recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem! The first step to problem solving, is recognizing your mistakes, then f

I KNEW I had this problem, I just couldn’t get rid of it!

Then I went to God about it!

HE began to put me in unfavorable situations, where anger would normally consume me, and test my limits. Kids, and certain conversations would tick me off, and I would gave to face them

I used to crumble, under pressure, but I learned to use the tools of patience, and self control. Self control is denying what’s comfortable, by stretching beyond your comfort zone. Patience is waiting through unfavorable situations, enduring to the end.

Slowly I would work on my imperfections! Did I fail? Yes at times I failed, but I didn’t let it bother me, I continued to work on those quirks, by taking one step, at a time.

I still get angry, but as the bible instructs “Sin not”
Sinning, is letting your emotions and feelings overcome you, letting transgressions come in between you, and God, letting sin destroy you, and everything you’ve worked for. I don’t let sin destroy me, I destroy sin by taking control over it.

Don’t let sin, overtake you, but take control over your sin. Take it captive! control it, be patient, wait it out, then follow up with it, one step at a time, one day at a time.

I hope this blessed you ♡


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