As a mom, when I ask my daughter, to put away her laundry in the closet, I don’t mean, ignore me, and keep on walking. When I ask her to do something, I expect her to follow-up, and if she doesn’t, I surely will not be pleased. My daughter is nine years old, and she should know, how to properly put away her laundry. I have taught her many times, and continually do, so I expect her to do, what I have asked of her, to do.

On the other hand, if my other daughter, the six-year old, does not do, as good of a job, as I expect her to do…I am going to help her, then correct her, and teach her to do better. I am her mom, and I care about her, and because I love her, I will correct her, and instruct her to make good choices for herself.

In my study this morning, I have dug deep, and found treasures, and when I do, I tell everybody about it, because these treasures I find are worth, every dime, and are priceless to find.

These treasures, are found in 1 Peter 2:1-2, at first look, we will just excuse these verses, and keep on reading, because they do not sound like us, but what if we stopped, and asked the Holy spirit, to examine our hearts, right there and then?

 We are commanded to follow-up, every word, and principle, not ignore the context, and keep it moving. 

I am paraphrasing these verses, in its biblical context, to fit modern language.

Put away all malice, and deceptive acts of carnal nature, stop acting like children, grow up!

[1 St Peter 2: 1-2]

When we come upon this chapter, we automatically think of the wicked, and those who are in the world, but what if we too, were found guilty practicing these acts?

I have taken the time in my study, to carefully examine, each carnal fruit, that brings destruction. Looking in the mirror of Christ, what do you see?

Examine your nature through the perfect eyes of Jesus Christ, take a look in the mirror of his perfection, the principles of his Holy Word. 

Do you see Malice? Intention or desire to do evil, in other works to think or speak ill, or unhealthy thoughts, of another human being. We think malice belongs on the streets of the wicked, but is so often found in the pews of the saints. When we talk bad of another person, desiring evil, we too are participant in this evil deed. Perhaps you are not aware of your actions, ask the holy spirit to show you the truth.

Is Deceit found in your practices? Are you spreading false rumors, to gain popularity for yourself? Spreading false witness, or gossip, to protect your image?

How about Hypocrisy? Do you claim you are holy, but practice wicked deeds? Claim to have moral standards, but not conforming to those practices or beliefs? Going to church, singing in a choir, but shaking up with another believer? Reading the word of God, but still lying, cheating and stealing?

Do you spot Envy: Everyone is blessed, and seems to have it all together, but not me. The Lord must love them more than me. Are you resentful towards your sister who has the blessing of God, but God doesn’t seem to come through for you? Do you find yourself unhappy, and discontent when someone else, gets blessed? Do you desire someone else’s gift or talent?

Is Slander splashed across your face? Are you looking to make accusations about your sister, who perhaps slipped on the road? Are you making damaging statements about your brother to defame his character to make yourself look good?

The word of God is a mirror that shows your imperfections, are you going to cover up, or treat the flaw.  Looking in the physical mirror, do you walk away unchanged? If your hair is messy, and you have dirt on your face, do you just walk away, and let the dirt stay there?

Don’t walk away unchanged, ask the Lord to reveal your flaws, the acts of your carnal nature, then begin the process of changing, with the help of the Holy Spirit.


If you have been found guilty, there’s hope for you too, repent and turn away from these wicked deeds, that are polluting the image of Christ. THE TIME TO CHANGE IS NOW!


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