We are on Day 10, and my girls are back at school. It has been hard to find that time, to read the word together, but I am continually encouraging my girls to find time. After school, we pull out the bible, and study together, before doing anything else.

If you allow your children to cut corners, they will, if you allow them to make excuses, they will. They are constantly watching us, and are copying our behavior. Present a good image, don’t fail them!


There’s much failure in this world!  We as parents were given the responsibility, to train them up in truth. We were entrusted to guide the children, and show them the way. We have a responsibility, to bring our children in the Lord. That TIME is NOW!

We have been learning about the tower of Babel, and how that moment in history, changed the entire nation. Today we have people all over, speaking different languages, and gathering in various communities; we have Chinese, and Portuguise, Russian, and German. People all across nations are gathering and building dreams, and God is watching their hearts intends. [Genesis Chapter 11]

People thought they could accomplish  anything, including building the high rise tower. In unity with one accord, men are capable of building a vision, whether, it is good or bad. These people had evil intentions, and wrong motives.

“Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” [Genesis 11:3] 

His eyes are upon the righteous, and the wicked. He is watching the human race, he is examinining peoples hearts, and motives, and weights them upon the scale. God saw that their intentions were not good, so he stopped them, and scattered them all across nations.

Watch your heart, and examine your motives, also teach your children to live in honesty, not envying one another, or strive to build a dream upon falsehood.

We adults can learn much from this passage, and apply the principles to our lives. I had a wonderful time discussing scriptures with my children, and learning details I have not noticed before.

Thank you as always, for joinining us, supporting us, and encouraging us in the Lord, to stay Faithful to God, and ourselves. ♡♡

-The Joseph Girls Journey.



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