PURPOSE, do you know it?



Do you know your purpose? Your intent, your design, the goal for which you were created? Flowers blossom, trees give oxygen, cars take you places, birds are here to inspire you…

But do you know who you are? 

If you don’t know who you are, you won’t know your Purpose. Your CREATOR knows who you are, and the reason you were created for. Do you know your creator? In HIM you will find your Identity. Your Identity will reveal your Purpose.

“Today you are my son, I am your father, ask me!” [Psalm 1:7]

Before you were born I set you apart [Jeremiah 1:4]

Ask the Creator, he will reveal it to you. Seek him with all of your heart. 

Once God calls you to a PURPOSE, he provides for your vision.

“I have put my words in your mouth, I have appointed you, over nations, and kingdoms to uproot, and tear down, to destroy, and overthrow, to build and to plant.”

[Jeremiah 1:9-10]

I have already provided a way out for you! DON’T worry about the details, I am providing a way. I am in the business of details, don’t you trust me? 

God goes before you. He has ordained you, from your mother’s womb, he has sanctified you, set you apart for his purposes, and his plans.

UNQULIFIED? He has already pre-qualified you in your mother’s womb, he has already ordained you to be who you are.

EXCUSES? Too young, too old, no knowledge, poor in spirit?

Do not be afraid, I will rescue you! 

God has a pre-designed PURPOSE for all of us, but are we willing to search for it?

First seek his Kingdom, and Righteousness, then everything including PURPOSE and IDENTITY will be given to you. Are you searching, or are you just talking about it?! To search for something is to turn everything upside down, sweep around it, check every corner, dig deep.

Search for it with all your heart, sell everything you own to find it. Once you find it, you will be able to move forward, once you find your treasures, you will be enabled to your Purpose.


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