Obedience is that which you don’t understand, but trust with all your heart.

  • By faith Noah build the ark, when everyone was laughing.
  • By faith Abraham believed and it was accounted to him for Righteousness.
  • By Faith an adulteress seeked mercy, and have received favor.
  • By faith Rahab trusted, and set her family free.
  • By Faith Joseph was propelled to be the KING.
  • By Faith David killed Goliath, with just a stone.


  • Your eyes see one thing, but Faith says different.
  • Your ears hear one thing, but spiritual ears hear something different.
  • You see one thing, but in reality they have come to destroy you.
  • You feel Peace, but there’s trouble on the horizon.

You see problems, but in reality they are solutions. You see circumstances, but it’s just God’s protectiin, you see situations, but that’s just God pausing you. Trust in what you don’t see, move by Faith.

Do not trust what you see, for FAITH moves by what you don’t see! If you allow the Lord he will remove the scales, and help you see clearly, hear clearly, and feel with an unbiased heart.

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