CONSERNING  COPYING, or Plagerizing!

According to Webster Dictionary,

To copy is to make pattern similar or identical to someone else.

  1. a thing made to be similar or identical to another.
    “the problem is telling which is the original document and which the copy”
    synonyms: duplicatefacsimilephotocopy
    a single specimen of a particular book, record, or other publication or issue.
    “the record has sold more than a million copies.
  1. 1.
    make a similar or identical version of; reproduce.
  • When a fashion designer decides to sew a dress, or a shirt, they will have a pattern to follow, they will use the pattern template, to transfer the needed measurements for the item. They will then cut the material to fit their needs.
  • An elementary student will trace the letters, then write out his/her words separate from the paper. This was only practice, they now have to apply their knowledge,  and do this on their own. Literally take their hand off the pattern and learn to write on their own. Most likely they will complain and grumble, until they get it right. I am a MOM I have observed my little one’s.

If you must take or borrow, any words, or ideas from a blogger, writer, speaker, and even prophet, make sure you give them the recognition they deserve. They have put in hours, and hours of work, and you just heard it, so you assumed it was yours to take. No, coming to visit soneone elses house, does not give you permission, to take the items. You can be inspired by decoration, style, flavor, you cannot however take their precious picture frames, and hang them on your wall. Taking someone elses hard work, and running with it, is considered stealing, in the kingdom of Heaven, and will not be tolerated.

DO  NOT  be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,[2] 10nor THIEVES, nor the greedy, nor DRUNKARDS , nor revilers, nor swindlers WILL  inherit the KINGDOM  OF GOD. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Don’t do what everybody does, do your own thing! GOD HAS GIVEN YOU the creativity that flows from within, copying others, is Cheating in God’s Kingdom. Do not envy other peoples gift, be faithful with what God gifted you with, he will multiply your belonging, disobedience will disqualify you.

Search with all your heart, to find treasures within, then activate them into action, by faith.

I am Lena, the Firestarter, and there is no one like me. They may copy me, or try to steal my identity, however they can never be me. I AM AN ORIGINAL CREATED BY MY MASTERS HANDS, everything I do, is for his Glory, and his Purpose. I do not envy, or covet my neighbors riches, because my riches, are reserved in heaven just for me. I DON’T have to beg for it, I just have to reach my hand to grab my blessing.

Now place your name and seek your IDENTITY, hint, it is usually hiden in your NAME. Stop blocking your blessing, by coveting to be in someone else’s shoes. You don’t know the miles they walked to be in those shoes. Be careful what you ask for.

I’m only HERE to warn you, Fire burns, but FIRE is necessary for Growth.


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