Cleanse the Temple!

What is a Petition?

A petition is a request, or plea from your heart to God. Too many times we pray prayers, that simply do not align with his will. We pray a PRAYER  that has good intentions, and movites, yet the results bring sour taste.

This morning in prayer, and even yesterday I felt a strong urge to pray for the opressed, for ones that have been overlooked, and undervalued. I have watched many overstep their boundaries, step over others, to get to where they wanted to be, even if it meant, stealing, or lying, to attain it.

God is not in the business of stealing or lying. If you feel like you have to steal someone else’s gift, or warm your way in, to be popular, then you didn’t truly have the right motives, or intentions. Your heart was pure, but your desires were fleshly.

Repent and turn, so God can bless you!

There’s no cutting lines in Kingdom, or overstepping boundaries, you must align, and pray that God forgives you. Pride, arrogance, jealousy, envy, has no place in the Kingdom, and liers, thiefs, murders, will not enter into his premises.

I’m just here to Warn you, but also let you know that God loves you, even if you mess up. Come to him, and seek his forgivess.

I know FIRE burns, it is not comfortable even for the match.


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