In my study this morning, I was contemplating which study I should dissect. When I study I like to dissect my scriptures, word for word, and invite the holy spirit to lead me in my thoughts, and to reveal mysteries, within his Holy Word. I felt a nudge to study Jeremiah chapter 3, verse 14. I have already visited that particular scripture last week, and read through it like it was a story, TODAY he stopped me in my tracks again, and began to nudge me in my spirit.

I am only a vessel willing 
to be used for his Glory, 
and his purposes. 
I make myself available, 
when he calls me. 
It is with great honor, 
that I bring this revelation 
to you, the reader, listener,
and the audience.

I am going to take you to Webster Dictionary again, as I like to always look up words, and to see them from a different perspective, but first let us get into the scripture, after prayer of-course, and dig deeper.

"Return, thou backsliding 
Israel, saith the Lord;
and I will not cause 
mine anger to fall upon you. 
Jeremiah 3:14

Let’s look at the

Definition of return
  • to go back or come back again 
    • return home
  • to go back in thought, practice, or condition revert
  • to pass back to an earlier possessor.

To return, is to go back, is to CHANGE YOUR MIND, it’s to divert from the original path, and make your mind up, to walk a new path.

To return is to GO BACK to the original condition or place.

Stop being double-minded, and make up your mind, to serve the Lord, and him ONLY. Choose a way, and follow through, stick to ONE path. Saying goodbye to your pleasures, is never easy, but it is recommended, for Spiritual GROWTH, and we are NOT designed to be stagnant.

Jesus is the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIFE. He has exemplified his actions, through his ministry all throughout the gospels, we are to follow after him!

Who is God talking to? 

To the backsliders, to the insolent, to the proud, the arrogant, rebellious,  RETURN from your old mindset, change your mind, and follow ME! REPENT of your old ways, behavior, and conduct.

You who ones had passion, and desire for me, you who had passion to serve others, and feed others, you who once cared, and sympathized with others. You who had a personal relationship with the ALMIGHTY, but all of a sudden, so far from him.  COME BACK!

-In action, speech, thought, and practice. The way you act, speak, think, and behave. CHANGE !

I WILL CHOOSE YOU , you who prove worthy to me, I will pick out a possible candidate for my service, and use you for my GLORY!

I am your husband, leader, master, you are my bride, my queen, my chosen one. Why have you left me, why have you turned from me, and ran after the pleasures of this world. You are my city, my clan, my special possession.


I can just see the desperation in his eyes.

 "I will not cause mine 
anger to fall upon you: 
for I am merciful, 
saith the Lord, and I will
not keep anger for ever. 
Only acknowledge thine 
iniquity,that thou hast
transgressed against the
Lord thy God, and hast
scattered thy ways to the
strangers under every
green tree, and ye have
not obeyed my voice, 
saith the Lord." 

Jerimiah 3:12,13

I will give you leaders, who truly desire to lead with a serving heart, a heart that is full of understanding, and knowledge from above; a heart that understands, and sympathizes with you; a heart of compassion, mercy, love, and care, not the heart filled with foolishness, and evil desires, but a heart that’s after GOD’S OWN HEART.

God is calling back the backsliders, insolent, proud, arrogant, to open eyes, unclog ears, to soften hearts, and change the mindset. They MUST divorce the world, with it’s customs, and practices, and come back to their HUSBAND who loves them.


John 3:16


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