Being one, who almost gave up, and one that experienced the struggle, I have found solutions within. Thank God for the GRACE that found me, and gave me a reason to breethe. He send #Firestarter Ministries to instill FIRE, and desire to rekindle that drive within me. But let us get into these reasons first, to help you understand my story.

So what are some of the reasons people give up?

1. Lack of Encouragement.

The youth suffers discouragement when it comes to achieving goals and dreams; no one to encourage them, to keep their dream alive. Musicians, Football players, Soccer players, Actors etc, and even people hardly encourage youth to rise up. They feel lonely, discouraged, and in turn rejected. Let us use the gifts of Encouragement, and spread it all across the nations, uplifting, and building up those who fall, enabling them to fly again.

2. Lack of financial support.

Someone once said only the rich achieve their goals, the poor feel they can’t achieve their goals in life because they lack, and don’t have what it takes, to pursue their goals. With financial support, aka fundraising, we can help the youth achieve their dreams, and help them fly.

3. Lack of Parental love.

The average, or poor family are mainly in this situation. Coming from a background of poverty I suffered so much, and in turn felt rejected; what I don’t realize is that though my mother and father forsake me, the Lord is still with me. Lack of parental support causes some to put their dream aside, but heavently father, causes them to pick it up. Parents needs to encourage their children, on daily basis, and make them feel important, and unique. Love drives the child to action, show love and support, the best that you can, with the best you have.

4. Pride.

Now this is the KEY, pride causes one to look down on people that are below, and overstep their boundaries. Just because you think you are the best, doesn’t mean you can trample on those below you, and rise high in your mindset, over them. There is ONE who is higher than you, and he is ABLE to humble you.

5. Lack of training.

So many people do not like training, so the minute they step on the field, they fail. They feel they are good enough, and training isn’t for them, but training trains one to success.
So many great players like Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham, Donovan, Neymar, Gerrad, Pogba, Marcelo, Anthony Joshua, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Federa, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winifred, Angelina Jolie and many others, who trained hard, for their success. They were restless, and persistant, enduring the pain to succeed. They faced challanges, left and right, and overcame them, obsticles, and stepped over them, like a Beast, they didn’t allow nothing to stop them!

6. Lack of Determination.

So many people give up on their goals, and aspirations the minute they feel hopeless, but all they got to do, is press in harder. Don’t let depression, anxiety, disperity take your life, surround yourself with positive people, with a positive mindset, and dream Big!

7. Negative Mindset, negative circle of connections.

This is another KEY point.

They say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Your connections, determine the outcome of your destiny. Who are you hanging out with, who is your advisor, mentor, and teacher? Are people in your circle purposeful, and are they adding value to your life? Do you have the same dream, and mindset?

Stay clear of people with negative mindset, with negative outlook on life, and situations around them. They will drown you!

You want to be GREAT, but you are dabbling, in alcohol, specialist at smoking and womanizing ladies on every corner? You don’t need such life, this life will lead you astray, and cloud your vision. Be WISE!

Note from the table of Daniel.

I faced depression, hate and rejection. Hung out with the wrong crowd. I was blind, and walked in pride. I had to come off from the bench of pride, and see from another side. Trained so little even lost my job, my so called friends left me, my family did not care. I almost committed suicide, but thank God for Mrs Lena the Firestarter, and God’s Grace in my life. Through her, God showed up, and comforted me. My love for God grew, my game became better and I was no longer feeling depressed or frustrated. PURPOSE showed up in my life, and now I’m a better person than I would have been, if I let LIFE suck me in.

I feel like a professional soccer player already, so hold on to your screen cause I’m the next big thing!

Written by Saleh Daniel

Edited by Lena Joseph, aka Firestarter. 

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