Let me give us a ROUND OF APPLAUSE!

It’s been a FEW weeks and my girls are realizing that Faithfulness, and Consistency is not as easy as it sounds. Being faithful means staying true to your promise, or agreement, no matter the difficulty or circumstance.

We had a few rough days, and Isabella has been behind on her reading a bit. As a mom I don’t want to force my children, but teach them to stay true to themselves, and God on their schedule. However I do¬†encourage them daily to read the Word, but in the end it will be up to them individually.

We are on Genesis Chapter 15 today.

We should have been further along, but I promised myself I wouldn’t force them, instead, encourage their daily reading, and teach them the importance of being faithful.

Isabella has decided that she wanted to take a few days off, from reading due to full schedule at home, and loads of homework, but even so I made sure to explain to her, that scripture reading doesn’t have to be chapters, it can be a few verses.

Make sure you are doing your best and not making excuses in the process.

Faithfulness is about staying true to your assignment without making excuses, or hiding behind curcumstances.

Consistency is not about forcing yourself but being consistant with yourself, and others the best way you know how.

We are learning everyday, this has been an amazing experience so far, patience is truly a factor in this.

Thank you for your support, and encouragement, much love your way…

-The Joseph Girls

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