We like to make plans don’t we? It’s in our human nature isn’t it? We have daily journals, daily planners, to do lists, anything we can imagine at the tip of our fingers.

To meet up with a friend. I have to make sure my schedule don’t overlap with something, I’ve already planned. I have to make sure I have an empty spot, so it can be filled in.
We get so caught up with daily affairs of life, and it’s demands, that we forget that our heavently father needs our time too.

In fact he is seeking to be your plan, your agenda, your daily to do list.

I too, in the beginning, of my day, used to fill up my day, with unnecessary tasks. With all the planning, I wonder how, I can even have time for a nap, or a minute to myself. I plan, I plan, I plan, and I plan…

But do I include God in my plans? Do I make sure, he is included, in my day?

When we don’t spend time with God, we draw apart from him, we loose our touch, our sense, our vision. We aren’t so easily motivated to read the bible, or have a praise session. All because we are slowly getting comfortable, and putting God on the backburner.

When I have time I will read my bible, after I do such, and such, I will dedicate my time to such, and such… sound familier?

Here are some points to start your day.

  1. Spend time with God first. Instead of pulling up your calendar, or your to do list, put down your pen, and commune with your father first. Come to him, before anything else, and he will fill your day.
  2. PRAY first.  Instead of pulling up social media, or your messanger, get on those knees first.
  3. Stretch! Make room for the word of God, and let his blessings flow. If you don’t gave time, make time. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, sacrifice your time, so that you are not in a rush, and forget what’s important.

He longs for your time. He longs for his daughter/son to talk with him. Get in the word, worship, commune, plan and praise! Start your day off right with the Almighty at your side.

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