We made plans, I was about to leave the house, we were supposed to meet for lunch, and run a few errands…

Got my purse ready, my shoes, check the lights, my phone, check, keys on the keyholder…

What?? WHERE ARE  MY KEYS? I’m already late, now what? OK so maybe they fell under the table, checked, not there, maybe they are on my table, nope, under the chair, nope.

Looking looking…

OK so now I’m looking for 10 minutes, I am not blind! They are supposed to be right here, where they belong.

No keys in sight. I’m all stressed out, running around, where could my keys be?

I heard holy spirit say, “sit down”. I sat, “look around”, nothing, put your glasses on, I did, still nothing, looked everywhere…nothing.

Double checked my bedroom, again, checked the car, checked the kitchen again, nothing! Looked under the table nothing. Then the holy spirit reminded me, that time when I lost my bluetooth…

“JUST ASK” he remembers the details. Just ask.

OK Holy Spirit, you remember all of my details, where are my keys hiding?

I heard “kids, backpack.”

Oh nooo, my kids are at school, should I call the office to find out if they have it?!

You know that moment you hear the holy spirit, but you’re so in a hurry, you forget to pay attention?!
Your mind is elsewhere! You’re all over the place. Yea, that was me!

Ok, now I need to slow down, sit down, and think, retrace my steps…

I sat down again, looking around, I waited, and then I saw it!

I saw the backpack. There in the corner, right next to my door, except it wasn’t a school backpack, I looked at it smiling…

“There in there, aren’t they?”

I knew without a shadow of a doubt, because Holy spirit is always right. He knows the details, the big, and small details, he knows them all.

That time when I was at the store, and tried on shirts, you said I’m only taking the green one’s home, you were right. That time when I looked for my eyeglasses, and you showed me exactly, where they were. That time I didn’t have the cash, but you point out, the exact location, of my 5$ bill.

And now the keys?!

Holy Spirit you care about the details of our lives. You are there to guide us, and direct us, but here we are stressing about where they could be. If only, we stopped and listened, we would hear it. If only we trusted, instead of trusting ourselves, we wouldn’t have to worry, but simply depend on you, to take care of our details.

I learned my lesson, I have been letting my kids open the house, and they forget things, they drop them, and they misplace them. I know better now, then to trust them with my keys… and I also learned to slow down, and trust the spirit, who knows all things, including the exact location of my keys!



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