I started with ONE person! My mission was to encourage ONE person; speak healing into ONE person, inspire ONE person, build ONE person. If I have helped ONE person, out of their dungeon, I was happy. I felt accomplished, I was making a difference.


You see many years ago, I was going through a rough moment in my life, a dark tunnel, where I felt no one could really understand me. I made mistakes, and now the past was following me, regret was pushing me, and guilt was sucking the air out of me.

On the outside I looked like 100$ bill, crispy, and perfect, but on the inside, I was a complete mess. I was insecure, living in fear, doubt, regret, swimming in shame, and condemnation was pressing on me.  I tried to speak, but the voice silenced me. I was surrounded by fear, and my past mistakes, that were constantly reminding me, condemning me, and suffocating me.

JESUS STEPPED IN, and my life was never the same, after that. 

HERE is my story

I was a mom at a time, and my husband was working nights. As soon as I ushered my husband out the door, I would wait on my babygal to wake up fir her feeding. In the meantime, I would get my bible out, and begin my studies.

I was HUNGRY, and when the person is hungry, there’s no one that can stand in his way, and food. Spiritual food that is, except I was HUNGRY for TRUTH.

You see I was a Seventh Adventist at a time. I wasn’t sure what  I believed. One day, I was devoted, and the next day I was indifferent about it. There were many rules I didn’t quite understand. I followed them to a tee, yet I didn’t feel satisfaction, or happiness in it. I went to church on a Sabbath, which is a big deal in the Adventist Church, but I didn’t feel any different. I went because, my husband and his family went, and I wanted to please my husband. I married into this religion, not willingly, under pressure, but my husband’s happiness was everything! Even if it meant being unhappy myself.

Let me get you a little familiar with the religion, before I go any further. Let me paint you, a bigger picture.

Who are Seventh Day Adventists?

On the outside they look like everyone else, if they didn’t tell you their faith, you’d think they were Christians. They go to church on the Sabbath, they are devoted, they pray, and read their bible, EXCEPT they take it to the EXTREME. We could be having the best time, we could be chill, spend time together, laugh and have fun, but when SABBATH comes around, which is Friday sunset, to Saturday Sunset, a dark cloud settles upon the household, and everyone involved; personality change, behavior, and conduct, turns 180 decrees. Where there are smiles, there is now SILENCE. Where there were children laughing, and playing games, it is now silence. You can see the mother, quietly withdraw to her corner, take out her daily Adventist devotional, as the father quietly drifts off to sleep. There is no television, no laughter, no entertainment, suddenly everything pauses, suddenly there is a dark cloud in the room.

Sometimes I’d wish Fridays would skip to Sundays, because the sun would rise, and the household would resume as normal.

It was about RULES and REGULATIONS

Don’t wash dishes, don’t watch television on the sabbath, don’t be too loud, stop jumping around, go to church on the sabbath, don’t ask questions, does the food have pork in it? are there shrimps in this? …Rules that would chain one to the ground. I couldn’t wait until sabbath was OVER. I am supposed to be joyful, but here I am dreading the sabbath, and this lasted for about eight months. Finally I had enough!

One of the Adventist Fundamental beliefs is to accept the gift of Prophecy, manifested through the ministry of Ellen G White; a well known prophet of the Adventist Church. Her writings, or books are highly esteemed, and encouraged, often grafted into the daily reading, and study of the bible. I was reading the Great Controversy at a time, to get an understanding of the religion; to study a little deeper, to get to know, this prophet, a little deeper… I wanted to be sure, that I was doing the right thing. I wanted the TRUTH.

So here I am comparing Ellen White’s writing, to scripture, which are often taken out of context, so that I could understand this faith, a little better.

And then the pages of the book, zeroed on the scripture, in my BIBLE, in a small still voice 

I am the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIGHT! John 14:6

What are you searching for, when the word of God is right in front of you. I am the truth, and there is no other. I am the way, and ONLY way, I am the light, and I will lead you to all truth.

This voice was so gentle, yet so authoritative, and affirmative. Like a father speaking to his child, gently revealing the answers, to his questions.

This is when I realized I am in too deep, but here is my SAVIOR!



He began to teach me, instruct me, and lead me. I was confident, that I was doing the right thing. I knew that ONE day, I will get to my Destination, of TRUTH.

AND  so I did, and when I got out of my tunnel, I promised him to do the same for others. I told him, that if ONE person finds the answer, one person gets encouraged, or inspired, by my story, through my personal encounter,  I did my part.

Well he had OTHER plans for me. More than I could ever imagine. I have personally mentored, and trained, taught, and led hundreds of people to him. It is through him and him alone that I do this, and continue to PRESS in.

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