I know everyone’s faith measure is different and I’m not here to boast, I’m only here to increase your faith.

I used to also be a skeptic, and only trusted what I saw, until GOD changed my vision, and I began to see through a different set of eyes, FAITH  inspired eyes.

  • I used to get sick, and think it was normal, until I took maters into my own hands, and rebuked that sickness, from my sight… I know silly, I know I’m that crazy chic that belives.
  • I used to speak to that sick child, and watch her mama rejoice in the Lord, in her healing process.
  • I used to declare that my husband is SAVED.
  • I used to believe that my family will receive deliverance, healing, breakthrough…
  • I used to speak to the storm to dissapate, and it moved away from my city.
  • I used to battle on my knees, until I saw results.

The battles I fought behind the scenes, only God knows.

  • They thought David was crazy to go against Goliath, until they saw David knock him out
  • They thought Noah was crazy preparing for a flood without a drop of rain.
  • They taught Joseph was crazy, so was Daniel.

Faith does not make sense to others, but it is the weapon that a Faithwalker pulls on the battleground.

It makes no sense to speak against that Goliath, and to that mountain, but Faith takes all the chances, and beats all the odds.

Faith starts somewhere, let it be through you, and your situation. Speak to it!

Where are my Faithwalkers?



  1. Faithwalkers, Dragonslayers, yes, we are here behind the scenes too. Perhaps we need to “shout it from the rooftops”? There is nothing more exciting then to watch what God does with a fervent prayer and expectation. I’m so glad you wrote this post!


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