United we STAND Divided we FALL

Yesterday in my prayer during intercession, these words were spoken to the leaders, those in high place of authority, or the one’s feeding the sheep, taking care of his souls, and preaching the word of God.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers….

I wrote it as I heard it!

“Stop fighting, stop backbiting, stop debating, stop dividing, put away childish behaviors, and seek higher things of God. How can we see the things we don’t see, if we can’t even agree on the things we do see? How can we excel to the next level, when we cant even agree on what’s black, and white?
We must move past elementary level, and seek for higher things of the spirit.
There are souls to save, hearts to be rescued. People are dying, and we are still fighting, and dividing.
Let us UNITE Victoriously, and pray for one another, lift up one another, encourage one another. Stop the dividing!


We should fight about how many souls to save, how many hearts to rescue, how many to bring to the KINGDOM of GOD! Not how many can I divide, or how can I overstep over others to succeed. We’re in this TOGETHER!


ONE BODY, different functions, working together for his GOOD!

-Warrior, and an intercessor for the Kingdom of  God.

4 thoughts on “United we STAND Divided we FALL

  1. I think if we figured out how to make peace with our husbands, our neighbours, our bossy girlfriends, then we’re developing skills to manifest peace in our corner of the world! Isn’t it just a degree of the same? Bless you today!


    1. And imagine if everyone did that, how many peaceful corners we would have. It takes ONE to make a difference !

      Thank you, you as well. I am working on launching my website, God has been so good to me!


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