Many are called but few are chosen. When you are called; be faithful in the Lord, steward that gift that God placed on the inside of you, excell in integrity, speak with honesty, and walk in obedience.  Don’t allow your envy of success to run down your dreams, and block the entrence to your Promise Land.

Be faithful in little, God will multiply much. Be faithful with the little assignment God placed in your hand. It may look little to you, but God is watching you. Too many times we envy that big SUCCESS on the platform, without realizing there is a price to pay, and dedication has paved their highway.

Steward your gift, guard it with your whole heart. If God has given you an assignment, be faithful with it, don’t splurge it, don’t run your mouth, faithfully steward it.

Integrity and honesty is the Key. Do everything with honesty and respect. Do not copy others, thinking you can get away with it. You can’t! It will eventually catch up with you. Do not step over others to succeed. PRIDE is a purpose killer, and envy is a companion of a fool. Be patient, your time is coming, wait on the Lord, with a sencere heart, and gratitude in your heart.

Purpose is not even about you. Purpose is about others, it’s about setting others free, from the bondage of sin, it’s about deliverence, it’s about healing, and restoration to those who are seeking for a way out.

Stop trying to figure everything out by yourself, allow the Holy spirit to lead you, guide you, and direct your path.

Do not be mislead or blinded by the wealth or riches, pursue the calling, wholeheartedly, without motives, or wrong intentions.

Your gift will make room for you in the palace. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it is for you. There’s only ONE Channel, ONE TD.Jakes, one Oprah. Their gift, made room for them, your gift will make room for you. Don’t worry how, just be faithful!

  • Joseph faithfully endured in prison
  • Daniel faithfully stood still
  • David faithfully killed Goliath.
  • Esther faithfully pleaded for her people.
  • Jeremiah faithfully interceded for Israel.
  • Noah faithfully persisted in his assignment.
  • Abraham faithfully waited on the promise.

Do not jump, be patient, your time is coming!

I’m here to encourage myself, and maybe two of you! If I did that, I did my part!


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