When you post a thought, a wise saying, the word of GOD, perception, idea, emotion. It is a potential seed of harvest.  When you post a negative thought, negative perception, emotion, or idea…
 It is ALSO being planted, and is a potential seed of harvest. Negative thoughts are seeds, that will eventually flourish into action. Positive seeds will also reinforce positive actions.
Good or bad, it is going, into your soil. If you water it, by repeating it in action, it will begin to sprout into your heart, good or bad, it will eventually produce a fruit.

Guard your heart for everything you do, will flow from it!

Television shows, conversations, music, movies, thoughts, video clips, and so forth.. seeds of violence, anger, bitterness, envy, jealousy…all goes into your soil. Your eyes, ears, and heart have gateways, and if you allow it to pass, with or without permission it goes into our soil.

How many of us actually sit down to examine thoughts, perceptions, and ideas? How many of us take down cuss words, negative thoughts, and bad images, captive…the bible instructs us, but do we really? and where do you think it all goes, yes it goes into your soil, and then it springs into action.

A wise saying ““You reap what you sow”” where do you think that comes from? EXACTLY THAT!

Let us examine the seeds that are planted in our soil. Every negative word, thought, perception, idea yields a fruit in it’s season. Plant yourself by the rivers of living waters, so that you may know the difference, and discern the good, and bad seed.

Remember the fruit Eve picked up, it wasn’t rotten, it was a good fruit, just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it’s good for ya.

EXAMINE everything, and if you can’t ask the Holy Spirit to show you, he is after-all your helper, guidance and direction.


2 thoughts on “A SEED OF HARVEST

  1. Yes, yes, words are containers of power! It’s a law of God and works just like gravity! ‘The Celestial Proposal’, is the book that has a whole chapter on this principle and how to use the power of words with faith! Your blog style of writing is powerful. Thanks for getting these truths out there!


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