You are his special tool


Bloggers, Writers, Artists, Designers…

This WORD is for YOU!

I know we all write, express ourselves, pour ourselves out, but rarely do we stop to think…am I making a difference, and what does my VOICE  mean to someone else.

My VOICE  is my opinion, my perception, my idea, my inspiration, my personal tool, to express in motion.

It is powerful when you put your pen to work, or take out your typewriter to write. It is powerful when the flow of your thoughts, the tip of your pen, the sound of yoyr tingertips toyches the screen, and begins to draw a picture of your imaginations.

EVERY word you plant, express, or paint has POWER to heal, inspire, or empower someone else to live out their dream. No matter the outlet you are using, you are making a difference, and influencing lives. Some come back and thank you, while others unknowingly receive, and breethe out a “Thank you” in silence.

The CREATOR uses a writer, artist, blogger, as a vessel not to ONLY express, but to also encourage, inspire, and build the body in whole.

The body is made up of many members. Each member, in the body, has an important function. Each function is special, and unique, in it’s functions, abilities, and capabilities. No matter how small, or BIG, visible, or unseen, each member in it’s ACTION, makes a difference.

Many writers in the BIBLE, [the book that changed do many lives] were moved or inspired by the Holy Spirit [Hight power] to write. Many writers by the leading of this highter power, were able to spread messages all across cities, nations, from the Universe we call unknown.

These writers were an important tool in the hand of God [Supreme being, the Creator] When you think “oh it’s just a message I felt, or was moved to express”…no my dear, your message is FIRE, and is is capable to peirce areas where so many leave abandoned, and unheard.

Today I want YOU, the Blogger, Writer,  Artist, stop, and think, about the influence, you are making, as this special tool, in the hands of the creator, on your auduence, and your reader.

You are a potential healer, deliverer, problem solver, answer seeker to someone else. Your words are POWER, Your words are KEYS to unlocking someone else’s prison. Just think, because of you someone else, can freely express themselves, or heal from that peace of art, you’ve been inspired to paint.

I want to encourage you today, and THANK YOU for being that VOICE in the wilderness, that voice of inspiration, that voice of salvation, the voice of healing.

YOU are being used in the KINGDOM for his greater purposes. The Creator is using YOU, as his special tool to portray his message to the world.



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