Rise up!



Problems, circumstances, struggles, situations, obsticles, come in many forms. Giants are laughing in our face, mountains seem immovable, situations are blocking our eye sight, and circumstances pop out of nowhere… there’s no escaping trouble, it is all around us.

It is unavoidable, it is unescapable. In fact it is expected, it is to be embraced, and it is to be, OVERCOME!

Peter, Paul, men and women of God in the bible faced varies problems and situations too, but men, and women of God stood on the forefront, and overcame all the obsticles.
James tells us that in the scriptures.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.
James 1:2

But he says REJOYCE! How can I rejoyce, when I’m feeling worn out? Why would I rejoyce when troubles, and situations are drowning me, and are all around me? How can I be glad, when my soul refuses to offer praise?

Instead of looking at our situations, circumstances we got to switch our focus. If God allowed us, to cross that sea of troubles, then he must have a solution. He must have an answer to my question. And he does…

For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.

James 1:3

I too had questions, until God provided my answers. It was in front of me, the WHOLE time. My situation was crying for Revival, my circumstance was pleading for attention, my situation was seeking for a Savior.

For a long time, I would struggle with my situations, and look for answers, blaming myself, other people, when in fact, God allowed it, because he knew I would handle it. He knew I had the ability, and strength to overcome. I just didn’t know I could.

He gives the hardest battle to his strongest soldiers! He knows that I am an overcomer, and I am ABLE to overcome it. He knows the authority within me, and he knows, who I am inside.

“Greater Is HE that is WITHIN ME, than he who’s in the world.

God allows that marriage to fall appart, because he’s the one with the glue, capable of putting things together again. He will allow your children to be taken, because he knows, you won’t let them take your children. He will allow addictions to overwhelm you, knowing you’re a Chain Breaker. He will allow that Giant to scoff at you, because he knows you’re the Faithwalker, and that you handle your battles in the unseen. He will allow oppression to overtake you, because he knows you will fight against it, instead of bowing to it.

  • He will allow you to face poverty, knowing that you are the Esther for your nation.
  • He will allow that Goliath to mock you, because there’s David inside of you.
  • He will allow, that situation to overwhelm you, because Jeremiah is forming, and..
  • Moses is developing in the midst of this hard battle
  • Joshua is rising, and Paul is emerging.

And even then, God will NOT put more on you than you handle. He’s testing you, constantly, to see what you can handle, he’s training your hands for war, and your fingers to battle. He’s teaching you things, you can only learn in the fire. He’s preparing you, to overtake your Giant, and slay Goliath, raising you up, to be who he called you to be.

When you are facing troubles, REJOYCE! This is GOD preparing you for battle, testing your abilities, teaching you, and training you,  on the battle field.

Stand strong in the face of opposition, prepare for battle, and be ready to fight the darkness. He’s provided a way out, for you, don’t worry! Instead of looking at your situation, and complaining about it, look within…Stand strong, and see the Deliverance, and most importantly,



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