Stand Strong WARRIOR!


I saw a vision of myself holding a torch of fire, running through the field, FEARLESSLY.

That is NOT how I felt!

In reality, I was worn out, helpless, defeated, wearied out, POWERLESS. I was in no shape to fight, I was at my weakest, laying in bed, struggling to even go about my daily routine. I had just fought a battle, and was looking for a place to rest, or take a nap.

Just then, Holy Spirit send an Encourager my way, and all of a SUDDEN I rose up, got strenghted, and went straight into warfare. When we least expect it, God will send someone, to help us out. He will come in a form of a friend, stranger, your loved one.

In my weakness, he is STRONG, in my weakness he is capable, In my weakness, he works things out, in my weakness, he fights my battles.

I kid you not, I rose up, and took my possition, as a WARRIOR, in authority, to fight the darkness, that was threatening to slay me.

I stood in the face of opposition, and rose up to my authority in Christ. I picked up my sword, my shield, and my armor, and I was READY to fight.








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