Husband and wife are full of flaws. It is TWO lives coming together as ONE. It is weaknesses, and strengths interlocking with one another, and making each another BETTER in this process of life.

One leaves his socks in the living room, the other leaves laundry in the drier too long. One wanting privacy, the other seeking closeness. One is OK with doing that or another, while another hates it. One tries to change another, instead of being helpful, the other snaps.

Tug of war, what to do, what to do?

Study your spouse, examine, and be patient with them. Sometimes they don’t know any better, and lash out out of ignorence. Instead of lashing out at their weaknesses, and imperfections, help them to become better, do better, and be better.

Most likely his weaknesses are your strengths, and your strengths are his weakness. The goal here is not to change him/her to think like you, and vice verse, the goal is to better him/her to be the best of themselves they can be.

“I am not here to change you to become like me. I am here to help you walk this journey of life with me. I am here to look out for you, and to encourage you to look out for me. I need you, you need me. Your weakness are my strenghts, how can I be better, how can I serve you better, my love? If you feel I’m not measuring up to your preferences, tell me, in love, with patience, kindness and respect. I hear you! I am just lost in stress, dispair, and hopelessness when anger , and bitterness, arrives on the scene.”

Don’t try to prove anything to me, don’t argue, don’t control me, don’t walk away, don’t push me away, don’t push my sensitive buttons.

Instead listen, try to understand, and speak with love.

Love is patience, love is kindness, love does not envy, or seek to do wrong. Love is respect, love is gentleness, love is faithfulness, honesty, with an open heart. Love protects, perseveres, hopes, and dreams. Love is POWER!

We’re a team, you and I when you fall, I fall too, when you’re strong, I’m strong too!

And together we can be a powerful force. Together we can reign VICTORIOUS!


#Prosperousmarriages #Kingdomcouples #Letsgo

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