Being Under Satan’s Yoke

Everyone is BUSY!

Everywhere you look, anyone you talk to, everyone has places to go, something to do, and people to see.

Everyone is doing something to keep themselves occupied, even teenagers walking down the street, are hunched down, pacing through the neighborhood, scrolling through their phones, not even paying attention to each other, “YO where you at?”

We are all busy!

Going to work to take care of our families, working out at a gym, to stay fit, scrolling through social media, to satisfy our appetite, watching our favorite sitcom, to pass the time. Running errands, that seem to never stop, always on the run.

I too in my teenage years, was busy. I didn’t have time for my family, the bible, and God, because I was constantly out doing something, whether it was schoolwork, or just plain fun, I filled up my schedule to the top, leaving no room for nothingness, to breathe.

In my young adult years, I was busy working, and going to school. I was even working overnights, and going to school, after a quick nap. I was so busy, I didn’t have time, or energy, for the word of God, or his people.

Yes I went to church, on Sundays, and occasionally on Mondays for youth service, but the word of God was not my first priority, why? Because you guessed it, busy.

Being Under satan’s yoke, constantly doing something. The question is

What are we BUSY about?

As a mom, I am a multi-tasker. I can be running to the store, but already setting up, my next venue. I can be washing dishes, cleaning my fridge, and folding laundry, ALL at the same time. I juggle my daily activities, left and right, there just seems to be, no time on my end. I pick up the kids, and take them to the library, then quickly run in, to get a few groceries on my list. On my way home, we might stop at Chik-Fil-A for kids, and run off some steam, or get their energy out, while I catch up on my latest writing.

And then, I MUST have time, for ministry. Saving souls, healing, praying, teaching, evangelizing, via cyber world, encouraging, and lifting up, souls in need.

And then if your day is filled up, entertainment is screaming, to get your attention, and dishes are pilling up, don’t even get me started on my latest bible reading, or devotional.

How do I even juggle it all? How do I find time, in the midst of this busy, busy world?

I must feed myself daily! I must find the time, and energy to do, what God has placed, in my hands. I Must say NO to entertainment, no to some venues, and YES to more important things, because time is of an assense.

“SEEK YE FIRST, the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness, and all these other things, shall be added unto you. Mathew 6:33

Time, energy, strength, will be added, when we put God, and his priorities first! We must seek for these treasures, as for gold, and as for silver, sell everything valuable to us, to find it!

I didn’t have the time, or the energy, I made time! When everything is screaming for your attention, you have to find the volume button, and turn it down, to hear God’s voice. He will direct you, he will council you, he will lead you, if you are listening, that is. God woke me up, from my slumber, and showed me exactly, where my time was spend, what was taking my precious time, and how I can be an OVERCOMER!

I was made to be Victorious!

Pleasures, passions, and cares of this life, are taking our time, and energy. We are under a yoke of slavery, blinded, burdened, overwhelmed, and stressed out. Oppressed by the struggles, and blocked by our problems, while situations are blinding our eye sight, and hearing. We need FREEDOM, freedom to walk in VICTORY!

Let us examine our life, and ask the Lord, to show us where our chains lie, and to wake us up, from our slumber.

Souls are crying out, souls are reaching out, people everywhere are dying, and no one to notice them, because everyone is BUSY under satan’s yoke, everyone is busy about being busy, and souls are perishing, left and right, someone needs to wake up!

Share this to cause an awareness!


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