ARISE sons and daughters arise!

The earth is waiting for sons, and daughters to ARISE to their Rightful position, and place, as sons, and daughters of AUTHORITY, POWER, and STRENGTH.

  • Rise up in POWER that is on the inside of us. Same Power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives on the inside of us. That same POWER that broke the shackles of death, is ABLE to break the strongholds of my prison.
  • Rise up in AUTHORITY, the authority was given to us, to sit at the right hand of God, and rule in Authority. Same authority that was given to Jesus, is given to his sons, and daughters.
  • Rise up in STRENGTH, the strength of a Lion roaring on the inside of us, raging to get out, raging to set us free.

Greater is HE that is within us

POWER, AUTHORITY, and STRENGTH Of GOD the ALMIGHTY, is GREATER than the one in the world. That POWER is available to us, the minute we ask. That AUTHORITY is available to us, the minute we reach out. STRENGTH that is above our earthy abilities, and capabilities, and beyond our box of perception, idea, and thought.With POWER, AUTHORITY, AND STRENGTH available to us, we are ABLE to do exceedingly and abundantly more we can ever think, or imagine.We must claim back the Earth, and all that the enemy stole from us. Our Peace, our joy, our families, our health, jobs, our finances, our loved ones, our rightful ownership, identity, purpose, and calling.We must rise up out of our prisons, and break the shackles! We must use the authority to break the strongholds, walls, and barriers that are holding us back.When we free ourselves, we will be ABLE to free others, when we heal, we will be able to heal others, with the SAME POWER, AUTHORITY, and STRENGTH, that works within us.

RECOGNIZE your Power SON, and Daughter of Christ.


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