“On my way to the PROMISE LAND”

How did I get here?

People ask me, how did I get so lucky, God must love me very much, to give you me a pass, to be where I’m at….

But you see my friend, it wasn’t luck, at ALL, it was dedication, faithfulness, to the process, and obedience, confidence in GOD the Almighty.

My Journey consisted of many different seasons, processes, and lots, and lots of walking. Lots of praying, consecration, intercession, and fasting went into this. Lots of tears, sweat, and pressure went into this.

What you see today is the result of my toiling in that secret place.

Before you step in your designed place of purpose, you will go through some rough moments in your life. There are seasons of wilderness, where it seems like nothing is happening, a season of famine, where it feels so desolate, dry, and forsaken, a season of dark valleys, and still waters, a season of the unknown, and the scary, a season of favor, and a season of abundance, then there’s a season of living waters, when the flow is unstoppable, and the gates of heaven are open to pour down, raining down favor.

In order for me to move forward, I had to get rid of the obsticles, that were blocking me, through fasting, and praying, in that secret place, where it’s just me and GOD.

Fear was staring in my face, doubt clouding my judgement, and insecurity breething down my neck…and those were just SOME of the obsticles. Just when I thought that was over, another giant, another mountain, blocked my way, popping up, out of nowhere, and another taunting me to give up.

I had to be tested, taught, trained, prepared, then send on the ground, to fight those giants, remove those mountains, and step over obsticles, head on, with Faith as my armor, and sword as my weapon.

I was scared out of my mind, but I trusted my guidance, and direction ta carry me through. He would never fail me, nor forsake me.

Day by day, I was getting further along, overcoming obsticles, giants, and moutains, fighting for my Destiny, wrestling problems to the ground. The Promise Land was getting closer, and my vision of Breakthrough was on the Horizon.

I’m getting there! Day by day, I’m getting there!



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