“Redirect your path”

I didn’t have a prayer life. I would religiously pray at church, and occasionally before meals, or before bed, and sometimes in the early morning, but my desire to pray was not there. It was a forced action, not a willingness to pray.

So what was the problem? Why didn’t I earnestly desire to pray?

Old flesh lived, and desired things that were controrarry to the spirit. My flesh was overpowering, and desiring things that were unhealthy, or damaging for me.

Our flesh does not want us to pray, or praise God. Our flesh wants to have things it’s way, comfortable and unbothered. Our flesh wants to be lukewarm, loving God and the world too. Our flesh hates challenges, and changes, and hates discipline too.

So what changed?

My lifestyle, I had to cut out my physical desires, and train my thoughts to live in Righteousness, holiness, and purity. I had to fast, take away old desires and introduce a new diet.

Who likes to go on a diet?

Don’t everyone raise their hands all at once. Who likes to switch from junk food, to healthy food? Who likes to sacrifice, and train their body, when its raging against them, obviously not me.

I had to, I knew that desires of my flesh were clouding my judgements, and fighting my spiritual desires. I had no desire to pray, or read my word, something was definately wrong!

Once I cut out my fleshly desires, I hit a reset button. Consistancy, discipline and determination came into play. I had to train my body to eat right, to exercise right, and desire things that were good for me, and my spirit.

I cut out entertainment, people that were unhealthy for me, renewed my mind, trained my body to pray, through discipline, and started a new habit of reading the word of God through consistancy, daily.

It worked! My desires are no longer fleshly, and my mind is renewed. I desire to please my creator, and eat healthy foods. It was not comfortable at first, but with time, my body adapted. I created a new habit, new schedule, new mindset, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I am healthier than I have ever been. I have a healthy relationship with my creator, and consistant prayer life.

Our desires must change, our complacency must undergo discipline, and our habits must redirect our path. We must redirect our thoughts, feelings, and desires to go another way.

Train your body, train your thoughts, no one said it would be easy, but God does send us a helper, to help us along the way.

I PRAY God shows you a way! There is a way that leads to truth, follow along the way, and create an atmosphere of love, peace, joy, and happiness in your life.

I PRAY you see it too!


4 thoughts on ““Redirect your path”

  1. Amen! I had to go through this process of eliminating a lot of things out of my life such as different people and different types of entertainment too. I even had to alter the types of books I read-it’s that real when you’re trying to get more of God! Our desires must indeed change for us to get to this point of eliminating anything that does bring us closer to God…Good one! Stay blessed!

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