“True Beauty Shines from Within”

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”[Proverbs 31:30]

How many times we see a beautiful person, UNTIL they open their mouth, then we change our mind about them. The way the person acts, or represents themselves, we want absolutely nothing to do with them?! Ugliness from the heart, can appall one, and even create a barrier, because it is so repulsive, and detesting to one’s taste. That type of beauty is deceitful, and is fleeing, and is only HERE for a moment, gone the next. It is the type of beauty that changes with the season, and it is very dangerous.

Beauty is seen not only on the outside, but true beauty shines from within. The minute beauty speaks, it is seen on the lips of her speech, and it is evident in the way she behaves, and represents herself. A beautiful person will not scoff, or mock others, will not hate, or criticize others, but instead will lift up, and build up others. A beautiful person will think of others, before she thinks about herself, she will patiently forgive, and overlook others mistakes, before she even begins to look for them.

I just had to get that off my chest.

A charming person is not always beautiful. Just because you look good on the outside, and you know how to work the crowd, doesn’t mean that the inside is beautiful too, in-fact it can be quite the opposite. People can put on the act, dress to a tee, and put on tons of makeup, to play the part. However one can never “make up” the heart with that paint, or dress up that spirit, if that heart isn’t right with God, or if it’s an ugly spirit. It would be waste of time, and money!

A beautiful woman is seen from miles away. It is welcoming, and it is approachable, and many delight in the beauty that is rare, and not easy to find. Charm will only entice others, and deceive others, but beauty is going to feed, and heal others the minute one comes in close contact with her.

A woman who FEARS the LORD can be found one to be beautiful in all her daily duties, not just her dress, style, or behavior, but in everything she does. She projects her beauty on whatever she puts her hands on, and everything prospers in her sight.

She is a Proverbs 31 Woman, she is a JEWEL, a virtuous woman, a hard working woman, one that pleases God, and reverences his works in her life, who acknowledges him in all of the details of her life, and pleases him in all of her ways.

“Robert B. Strimple says, “There is the convergence of awe, reverence, adoration, honor, worship, confidence, thankfulness, love, and, yes, fear.” … Some translations of the Bible, such as the New International Version, sometimes replace the word “fear” with”reverence”. It can also mean fear of God’s judgment.” (cited by WIKIPEDIA)

Prayer: Lord If I find favor in your eyes then grant me this request; that I will be found beautiful in your sight; not according to the standards of men, but according to God’s standards of beauty, which is so far beyond our understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. In Jesus name, Amen!


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