“Lean NOT unto your own understanding.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” [Proverbs 3:5]

These scriptures have always been my favorite, and I never understood why, UNTIL I literally had to live them out, through my own experience.

When the Lord began to deal with me on this scripture, it was about eight month ago. I was so sure I heard him highlight it in my spirit, that I was ready to jump. JUMP to human conclusions, trying to understand it, from a human point of view…but that scripture didn’t quite register in my spirit, until I was ready to understand it, through the lens of faith, through the lens of God’s wisdom, and not human intellect. We are so QUICK to lean on our understanding, rather than slow down, and let God interpret from his point of view.

All this time I tried to lean on my own understanding, that I gave no room for God to interpret it.

It was six months ago that he, the Holy spirit, began to deal with me, conserning this scripture.

“You weren’t instructed to understand the ways of God, you were instructed to trust God, and his ways. You weren’t instructured to lean on human intellect, you were instructed to trust God, and submit to him. Only when you TRUST God, will you be enabled to understand, accourding to the knowledge and wisdom that flows from above, and not the wisdom of this world.”

I never saw that scripture the same way again!!

We are not instructed to understand, we are instructed to TRUST, and submit to him. He will lead us to all truth, and lead us to our Promise land.

Like a child, we must let go of what we think we should do, and begin to trust God in all that we do, and think.

We move by faith, and not by sight. We weren’t called to understand everything, we were called to trust God in everything.

This understanding is WAY above my human intellect, and his insight is deeper than my deepest thought, or idea; as high as the skies, and deeper then the oceans.

“FOR GREAT IS YOUR LOVE higher than the heavens, and faithfulness reaches to the top of the skies. For your loyal love extends beyond the sky, and your faithfulness reaches the clouds.” [Psalm 108:4]

Human understanding would lead us to figure things out on your own, rather than trusting God. Human understanding will fail us, but God never will. I fact if we reject our understanding, and begin to draw insight from above, things will become much more clearer, and our path will become much more focused.

Prayer: Father help us to trust in you, and lean not unto our own human intellect, help us in confidance move by faith, and not by sight, help us to let go of our understanding, and grab hold of heavenly insight. In Jesus name, amen!


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