In the parable of Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 the man laying on the side of the road, ARE the poor and needy; THE HOMELESS, ORPHANS, WIDOWS, drug addicts, prostitutes, sinners, etc…The ones that have been overlooked, undervalued, and looked down upon. How many of them do we pick up, and care for? We walk by them daily, and OFFEND the LORD through our actions. We are like the Righteous pharisee, and the proud Levite, who walked by, and had no compassion or heart for the wounded traveler.

My heart beats for the needy, and those that lack. Every so often I will pull to the side of the road, and extend my hand of mercy to them. Satan has them bound, and ignorance has them rot away! it’s TIME we show compassion, and rescue them from despair.Some of us have more then others, and it is our duty to take care of the wounded. Let us show them HOPE, and LOVE when everyone looks away!

Go out today, and extend your hand of mercy to them, do not listen to the lies of the enemy, set them free. You have what they need, the key to freedom, the key to their breakthrough, set them FREE!

Let us show the world WE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CARE! It takes ONE!


Follow the link for direction of prayer

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