From Death to Life

Hello there, yes I know it’s been a few months since I posted on my blog. I now have a site that I have to keep up with, and you know how that goes. But GOD is good, regardless, and his mercy endureth forever, however TODAY I decided I wanted to share my TESTIMONY, or part of my Testimony anyway. 

I hope you are blessed by it, and inspired by it. 

I was heavy into music. Russian music, pop music, country music, you name it, I would be listening to it. Music just gave me a way of escape, and spoke to my soul. Music understood me, music accepted me, music let me cry, and let me scream. Music allowed me to spill my feelings, without judgement, and assured me that I was OK

Bad breakup? music; parents in my face? music; bullying ? music to calm my nerves, to lighten my load. I ran to music, music was my savior, music was my life.

Yes I was a Christian, yes I attended church, and occasionally read my bible, but a little bit of poison, pollutes the body, a little droplet of sin, separates me from God’s presence. I didn’t understand it at a time.

When my dad was recently visiting me he demonstrated a small presentation, from my childhood.

When I was a little girl he would fill a full glass of clean water, and present it to me. I would glance at it, and drink it up.

Good isn’t it? Clean isn’t it ?

Yes I would say, giggling, running away.

He then would pick up an ink pen and drop a few droplets, into my glass

Papa, you’ve polluted my water I would say!

Yes dear, he would say exactly!

A small drop of ink might not be noticeable at first, but as you add those droplets of ink into a clean glass, the water is no longer clean, but polluted…

You see when you entertain sin, small droplets of pollution wouldn’t do much damage to your spirit at first, but as you continue to add to it, without realization that glass of clean water, would soon become polluted, and as a result you would drift away from God’s presence.

One night as I was listening to the lyrics that were popular at a time, I began to declare these words into the atmosphere. I had no knowledge of power, in declarations at a time.
This one particular song goes like like

“I DON’T KNOW who you are, but I’m here with you” lyrics by Evril Lavigne

I felt demonic presence in my room, when I sang those lyrics from the heart, and I didn’t even care. I dropped that pollution in my spirit like it was no big deal, only to find myself with a stranger, dancing away with the devil.

The Lord showed me that it is Then I traded God for the devil, when I sang these lyrics.

Parents please pay attention to what your children are listening to, looking at, entertaining, and what they are declaring into their lives, because a small drop, pollutes the whole glass.

As a result I walked far away from God, and began to live a rebellious lifestyle.

I never thought it would be me, a Christian girl, full of dreams and desires…would draw so quick from God. I even overdosed on alcohol, and almost died, but GOD’S GRACE covered me, even in my ignorance.

Be innocent as doves, but wise as serpents, for he, the devil, is strategizing against our children.

#PartofmyTestimony #fromdeathtoLIFE via Firestarter-Ignite

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