Too young, too little?

I was reading the book of Jeremiah this morning, when the Lord SPOKE to me concerning these scriptures. 

” Sovereign LORD, I do not know how to speak, I am too young.” (Jeremiah 1:6)

Here we come upon the scriptures, where God is calling Jeremiah to a specific mission, to accomplish a task. He lets Jeremiah know that he has been hand picked, selected, to accomplish this particular purpose,  and that he has qualified him, from his birth. He only requires a willing heart, and a yielding spirit.

Jeremiah hears the WORD of the LORD, so he is probably scared out of his mind. I’d imagine he is thinking, and freaking out at the same time. WHAT LORD, ME?? Like are you serious? Little small Jeremiah, like me, accomplish a purpose for GOD?  

I am sure thoughts ran through his mind, Why would GOD pick me? I don’t have the knowledge of things, and have not learned much, like some people I know. I don’t know ALL the bible verses, and I don’t even know HOW to construct my sentences, yet you are calling me?! Pick someone else LORD! 

Fear has a grip on Jeremiah, and he immediately goes into his shell. He KNOWS that this assignment is not easy, and he knows this task is MIGHTY, so he does what he knows best, makes excuses, runs, and hides from GOD to go ahead, and pick someone else.

GOD knows his insecurities, because he points it out to Jeremiah in the following scriptures

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. (verse 5)

What Jeremiah does not realize is that GOD has allowed him to become little, so that the GLORY of God can be revealed through him. When Jeremiah speaks, you just KNOW Jeremiah couldn’t have constructed these sentences on his own, and when it doesn’t make sense, then you know it’s GOD, and so you have no other choice, but to BOW to his majesty. 

You think GOD cannot use you, but it was your humble heart, and your humility that  God noticed. Maybe it was your kind heart, your faith, that drew you to HIM. God knows us, better than we know ourselves! GOD knows that this task, requires humility, and a humble heart. He cannot use Johnny, because Johnny is prideful, and arrogant. He cannot use Mary because Mary has a hardened heart, and is full of rebellion. So he noticed you, and your OBEDIENCE, to him. 

You might be wondering at this moment, how can GOD- All powerful, All knowing, use me?  Stop running to your own conclusions, and let him work things out 

His plans are perfect for you, his plans are marvelous, he gives HOPE, future, and success!

STOP making excuses! 

I too made excuses, LORD I am married, there is NO WAY I can commit? LORD I am foreign, how can I speak?  LORD I am not knowledgeable enough, good enough, tall enough, skinny enough…but I stopped because I WAS BORN for a purpose, not to ONLY pleasure myself and be done with it. NO GOD created me for a GREATER PURPOSE, and a GREATER PLAN!

and if GOD can use me, he can also use you! 


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