Love is Action

As I came to the enterence of the IHOP restaurant earlier today, I stumbled across an elderly couple on my way in. The older gentelmen was holding the door, while an elder lady, who seemed to look like his companion, was passing right through the door, at a slow pace. He was patiently waiting on her, as she walked past him, then joined at his side, as he gently placed his hand in hers. I just watched them, and smiled because you don’t just come across that sight, everyday!

I then approached the couple, and complimented them on such wonderful treatment

“How long have YOU TWO been married, or known each other?

The lady exclaimed, “We’ve been married for 64 years, and know each other for 84 of those years, and we are both 84 years old, high school sweethearts, childhood friends” as the gentelmen chuckled alongside with her.

I was really impressed by the way they cared for each other, as they talked about their relationship, smiled, and remiscent with one another. I then asked them another question.

What advice would you have for a youngster like me ?

The lady blushed, exclaiming, “Oh that’s easy, Love each other through all!”

It was as if the Holy Spirit was reminding me, gently tugging at my heart.

Love is not just words, but action. How you treat each other through the moments of difficulties, shows your love for one another. How you care for one another, how patient you are with one another, and how gentle you are with one another, reveals your character.

Love is NOT words, it’s ACTION!

It’s easy to love when circumstances are in your favor, and situations are lined up right up your alley, but can you love, and be kind, when the other chooses not to? Can you still be gentle when you feel rejected, and ignored? These are tough moments to endure, yet moments to treasure, because these are the moments that truly create, and grow your character, relationship, and love for one another.

Are you patient with one another, gentle, kind, when conflict arrises, or are you rude, boastful, and arrogant in your ways? Are you faithful when the other isn’t, joyful through the storms, peaceful with each other, in the midst of battles, able to control unruly temper, emotions, and feelings?

Love one another, prefer one another, stay hopeful, endure through the good and the bad, sacrifice your wants and desires, grow with one another, understand and listen to each other, respect one another, and honor above all!

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