Refill at the Spiritual FUEL station

First of all I wanted to say, it has been a while since I blogged, on this page. Of course I have been busy writing, but not sharing on this page. So today, I said why not?!

This is the result

An excerpt insight from my site that I have recently been working on. Feel free to look around, and delight your soul.

So here it goes

” When we need gas, we fill up at the nearest gas station. When our food supply is low, we go to the groshery store to stock up with the needed items. When we are on low, it is a clear sign that we need to refill our supplies, so that we can go on about life, without worry or frustration.

Imagine if you forgot to fill up your car, but you need to run a last minute errand, or pick up your children from school. You’re baking, but you forgot oil, and without it, is just not the same. Imagine you threw in butter, or applesauce( you can tell I’ve tried) and try to wring it m, would you still have the desirable result?

Fillling up, fueling up, restocking, or running those last minute errands is part of life, and it is unavoidable, and necessary for our daily lives.

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But why is it that…

We make sure we are on FULL tank, stocked up with supplies, but neglectful when it comes down to our own spiritual lives.

Why is it?

We run on empty, feeling depleted, and defeated, but forget to stop by a PRAISE station to refill our spiritual lives, to keep us moving forward.

Discouraged and hopeless, but forget to stop at Praise station, or PRAYER corner, to fill us up back again. Fearful and doubtful when it comes to the promisises of God. Frustrated, worried, and hopeless, AND perfectly fine with it.

DEFEAT is a CLEAR sign that we need to run to the FUEL station and refill our strenght, power and energy, so that we are good for the next 20 to 40 miles ahead

Depletion is a clear sign that we have been running on EMPTY and need to crush that oil in the secret place again.

Here I stand at the door and knock, whosoever hears my voice, and opens the door I will come in, and dine with him.

Lay your burdens down at HIS feet, drop your issues at his DOOR, allow him to refill your frustration with hope, your fear with faith, your doubt, with confidence, and your depleted energy, with supernatural strength from above.

Through Prayer, Worship and Praise. Lay yourself down, quiet your mind, allow words of God refill your soul, and restock your spirit. “

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I hope this has been an Encouragement to you, and a delight to your soul, because that truly is the PURPOSE of why I write and share my

Table of Delight

SN: If you would like your story, insight, testimony, SHARED on my site, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly share it. It is my desire that we share our stories, insights with one another, because after all we are ALL travelers on this journey of life, seekers, haven’t quite got it ALL figured out. KNOWLEDGE is the KEY to our Breakthrough, and Humility is our DRIVE.

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