What are we in pursuit of?

People everywhere, are in pursuit! Everywhere you look EVERYONE is chasing something, everyone is after something. Some are chasing status, others, a name for themselves, happiness, peace, while a few actually desire to do, what is pleasing in God’s eyes.

Whether it be careers, money, treasures, status, success, pleasures of this world, everyone is chasing something! There is nothing wrong with chasing things, we are made to pursue, UNTIL those things become a priority before God, and are hindering our walk with God.

What we put before God is an idol, and God is not pleased with idolatry. We must above all else, seek the Kingdom of God, his Righteusness, and everything else will find it’s place. Mathew 6:33. Everything our heart desires and wants, will be fulfilled and accoumplished, when our priorites are right!

While we try to fill that place, only God belongs in that place! Nothing in this world can fill that space, and anything that does take HIS place, will be ruined, and destroyed.

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A god is anything, and anyone that we place before God, anything we give our time, and energy to, is our god.

So let’s ask this question ourselves. When we are in pursuit, what are we in pursuit of? Is it the pleasures, and treasures of the world, or heavently and eternal things of his WORD?

What do we spend our time chasing? What do we put our energy, and time into?

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Is it temporary happiness, worldly peace, better opportunities, friendships, approval of men, or is it God’s will, purpose, plan, identity, approval of God, hope, joy, peace?

What we are in pursuit of, tell us what’s in our heart, and the condition of our spirit man. A heart full of selfish dreams, and desires, shows where the heart stands. A heart full of Godly desires, flows to the outside, and reveals whats on the inside. If the heart is wicked, it will desire wicked things, and if the motives are pure, it will be made known.

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What’s in the heart, flows to the outside.

As followers of Jesus, we must be in pursuit of God, and everything he has for us! Mathew 16:24

A man that is led by the flesh, desires the ways of the world, and how he can please himself. A man that is led by the spirit desires the ways of the spirit, and how he can please God.

Sitting down, examine your heart through prayer. Allow the Holy Spirit to examine your heart. He alone and he alone knows the condition of ur heart. He knows what we are in pursuit of ? ROMANS 8:5

There is NOW NO condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, but it doesn’t mean we don’t examine our positions of standpoint, and the condition of our heart. Romans 8:1

Prayer request?

I have been working on pulling the roots, much cleansing is going on, in my spirit man. Praying that God examines our hearts and if theres anything in us that block us, hinders us, or still us, to be pulled by the roots, and destroyed by the Power of his Holy Spirit.

It is a process, much needed process!

Cleanse me oh God, PURIFY my spirit, create in me a clean heart, rene a right spirit within me. Search my heart, examine my spirit Lord ✋ am I lead by your spirit, or my flesh? Reveal to me, what’s hidden within.

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Examine my heart Lord, is there anything wicked in me? Are there any dreams, hope, aspirations that are selfish in me? Are there any wrong motives, or selfish intentions? You alone and you alone know my heart. Everything is laid bare beflore you, nothing is hidden from you.

Purge me of my iniquity, reveal what’s wicked in me, remove what is hindering me, clean my heart, renew my mind, cleanse my spirit. I desire to be pleasing to you, in all of my ways. In it’s place grow good things in me, beneficial things, worthy of your love things, and of good report in Jesus name, amen!

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