Rebuild again

Just like everything else in life, marriages go through ups and downs, too. There are moments when your marriage is prospering, and there are moments or seasons where marriages struggle, or have a hard time functioning.

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No matter what, keep up the good fight!

Sometimes couples draw appart because of hurt, pain, and dissappointment, and the only way to get that spark back, or renew that trust, is to start over.

Words were spoken, feelings were hurt, but as usual the two swept it under the rug, and build up walls. Years went down the road, and life went on as usual, conflicts rose up, walls got highter, wounds got deeper.

Feelings got hurt, and hearts began to close up.

Hoping and expecting things to get better, is not just going to happen, pretending pain doesn’t exist isn’t a way to solve problems… but starting over, or rebuilding what was lost, is the step we need to take, to move forward.

You already have a great foundation, of love, respect, trust and understanding, now build upon that foundation, and make renovations.

Examine what is missing, and rebuild that which was taken. Only this time, take out the instructions, fix the issues, solve the problems, and slowly rebuild your home, with the help of Christ-your maker.

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We sometimes build our marriages on assumptions, past experiences, and old expired feelings, but we are to build with patience, love and respect each day. Each day is a gift, and an opportunity to build something new  forgetting what is behind looking forward, to that which is ahead.

Take down anything that is not beneficial for your marriage, bad habits, wrong behaviours, hateful words, and spiteful actions, through communication, patience and kindness.

Don’t rush, slowly take step by step, and move with patience. Lives were shattered, hearts were broken, deep wounds, and scars were formed. Slowly reinforce lies with truth, and rebuilt the broken walls, with trust, faith, respect and honor. Anything that stands in your way, or blocks your vision, or union, is to be taken captive, in other words, removed or destroyed.

Start Over!

Brick by brick, day by day through kindness, patience, gentelness, faithfulness, and self control. Find out what makes his heart beat, her smile, then meet him there, and dance to her beat. If you have lost trust, take time with him in that area, if patience isn’t there, show up through example. Be kind, gentle, even if he isn’t, show up, until you know you’ve done all.

Marriage is two partners working together for common goal or vision. What is your goal, what is your vision?

Also fast and pray for Breakthrough in your marriage. That means seeking God about your issues, then stepping in to fix them. Fasting gives you clarity and focus. God is able to make things better, if you show up and do what you are supposed to.

I am rooting for prosperous marriages that are blossoming and growing with purpose, and those that aren’t there is HOPE for the broken! With God all things are possible!

I hope you have been blessed, and stay encouraged, until next time!

Yours truly, Lena

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