Warrior of God on a mission, with desire, passion and pursuit, called to serve, determined to finish the task, and complete all my assignments.

Lena the “FireStarter

Woman of many hats. MOM, faithful wife to my wonderful husband, minister of the Gospel, Prayer Warrior/Intercessor, faith based blogger/writer, spiritual mentor, and founder of FIRE-STARTER-IGNITE Cyber Mentoring Group, as well as God’s Kingdom Warriors dedicated to igniting, and transforming hearts, for the KINGDOM OF GOD, and his RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Setting out on this journey I didn’t quite know what to expect, but with every leap of FAITH I came closer to my DESTINY. I began with ONE chapter, and ended up with several books. My chapters are constantly written, and my STORY is yet to be told. I write about different seasons of my life. I have faced troubles, and encountered trials, I was foolish, but also learned from my mistakes. I love to encourage, inspire, uplift others, in their difficult season of life. I understand what it’s like to be discouraged, and worn out, but I also know what’s it’s like to live  a peaceful, and prosperous life. I hope to offer a beacon of HOPE through my writing, and inspire hearts to beat, and breathe again. We are ALL on a JOURNEY! Some of us have it all together, while others are in a discovery stage. Why not share the experiences, and wisdom from your JOURNEY to help someone else reach their Success. I believe in sharing your TESTIMONY with someone else, to help them unlock their story. If God has blessed me, and I have the abundance of a particular thing, my job is to share it with my neighbor.  

As a FIRESTARTER I am here on a mission to ignite souls with desire, passion, and pursuit to live a VICTORIOUS life, through God’s SON JESUS. I move as the Holy Spirit moves through me, it it only by his ability and strength I can be all that I am today. 

We are not meant to walk this journey alone, we are meant to stick together!  HELP, encourage one another, inspire, empower, lift each other up, when times are rough, and when things are looking up! 

If we only saw each other as a TEAM, instead of COMPETITION, this world would be a much better place to live in! 

I administer and lead a few facebook groups, as well as prayer groups, available at your request. If you are seeking to grow and expand your gifting, contact me for more information @Driventopursue@gmail.com